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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kahlua Shedding.....arghhhhh!!!!!!!

For those of you that have not seen how bad a husky shed, here u go.....
Before owning a husky I never imagine they can blow so much of coat. The amount of coat is so unbelievable. The brush was full with fur after less than 30 second of brushing......

The rubbish bin was full with fur after the grooming session. This is just the first day of shedding......another 2-3 weeks to go. ....sigh!!!!!!

This is Kahlua's first time blowing off her adult coat. As she has shorter and thinner coat compare to when she was a puppy, I never expect she can still blow so much of coat. My vet even thought her thin coat was due to trimming .....paiseh...paiseh......

Kahlua looks abit "bald" now. At least after the grooming session, I find less fur flying here and there. Huskies' furs are very soft and light and it flys everywhere. It makes brushing more easier by spraying their coat wet.

Monday, July 03, 2006

You will always be in our heart...........

Yesterday night me and hubby went to Ruby's site and planted some flowers for her. We choose this type of flowers as the nursery's people said it will grow very easily.

As we were digging the soil, our neighbour that live a few houses away came with her two teenage daughters. They love Ruby very much too. We didn't even tell them where is Ruby resting place but they managed to find it, visit her and scattered some flower for her the very next day.

After we finished planting, they also scattered some white flowers on top. We are so touched and appreciate what they do for us. Thanks Fifi and your two pretty girls.

I'm so proud that Ruby is loved by all the people she had met. I hope she will have a good life in rainbow bridge. Till we meet again.........

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Many Faces of Ruby

This is Ruby's last achievement before she leave us. She pass the Tenderpaw Test on 17th June 2006 at IKANO by doing so well in her heel work, sit stay, down stay and come under commands. I never train her but she understand what I want her to do. I'm so proud of her.

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This is the only video I have on Ruby. She's a good eater and always hungry. Come to think of it, I feel so sad just to have her one and only video.

Ruby with Kordia

Ruby at MRO Day held at Bandar Utama Park on 11th September 2005.

The two dogs behind is Jojo (L) and Russell (R)belong to Shirley and Gabriel.

Ruby with Kahlua. This photo was taken when Kahlua was 4 months old. Now Kahlua is 15 months old.

Ruby with Sparky. Believe it or not, Sparky has chow chow blood in his body. He has blue tongue too.

Ruby, Nini and Kordia. Nini is kinda shy and doens't like to mix with other dogs. She loves human though.

Ruby with her socks on. She likes to chew her hind paws until it become raw and bloody with pus. Tat's the reason why I bought a pair of socks for her.

This was taken at a party held in Aunty Suzi's place in 2005 (can't remember the exact date). Ruby with the infamous and talented Groovy. Thanks, Fawn.

Ruby before and after bath. She's such a beauty.

This was the first time ruby and myself step into the show ring. I was so nervous until I had a gastric attack. Eventhough we are there just to get the taste of dog showing but it was so stressful. The show was held on 5th June 2005 at Phoenix Plaza.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Life After One Week....

It has been a week since Ruby's sudden demise. Ever since then it has been raining everyday. We have been mourning for a week and we know God can feel our sorrow and sadness. Finally the sky was so bright and sunny today, June 25th 2006. We know this is a signal from God. He is telling us that we have to move on.

I still feel so uncomfortable without Ruby. Life has not been the same without her. I'm trying hard to keep myself occupied and not thinking to much on the tragic accident. Though it is hard to put the sad things behind but I have to try cos I know everyone is worry about me.
I've started to train Sparky and Kahlua again. They are doing very well to please me. Hopefully one day, they will be as obedience as Ruby. I'm looking forward to participate in a lot of activities with them in future.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Beloved Ruby

I remember when I first saw you
I fell in love with you
You were big and furry
And yet you were so gentle
And lady like

You were so uncomfortable the first night at home
You didn’t sleep and I didn’t sleep either
You were checking out the new environment
And I was checking out on you

I remember
How I taught you to climb the stairs
How you stood still for your frequent baths
How you tended to whine when you wanted attention from me
How you hated to have your picture taken and would turn away
How hard you tried to please Mummy

But on that faithful day
I reached out to touch you
Then realize that you weren't there
I know you are at peace and not suffering
But the pain is so hard to bear.

I sit alone looking at the photographs I have
But no matter how hard I try I can't feel you
I want to see you walk back through that door
Wish I could turn back time and then heal you

24 months is not long enough to spend with you
I am so lonely and insecure without you
God blessed me since the moment you came into my life
You were more than a pet, you were my little angel

Oh, Ruby, I miss you sooooooooo much!
I'm trying to get used to your absence one minute at a time
and some minutes are easier than others
but I don't think I'll ever stop missing you

You will always be in my heart and memories
You will never be forgotten
You will always be missed
Time has still not healed the pain in my heart from losing you
Till we meet again.............

Love, Mummy & Daddy

Monday, June 19, 2006

The weather has been gloomy and raining these few days. Probably, God does know that we are still mourning for Ruby.

Yesterday night, for the first time after Ruby leave us hubby and I had a long chat about Ruby. Eventhough we only share our life with her for a short period of time, but we really went through alot together. She brought alot of sweet memories and happiness to us. How she was when she first joined us, how we taught her to climb the stairs and how we cope with her shedding. She stayed in my room with aircon and fan 24/7. I have to vaccum and mop my room twice a day but I never complaint. These few days, I never do it anymore......I'm so not used to it.

Hubby said he visited Ruby again in the evening after work. He talked to Ruby as usual like how it used to be when he come back after work everyday, just that this time he never get to look at Ruby's face and hug her. I miss talking to Ruby too but whenever I visit her, I keep on crying and can't utter a word. I can only say "Ruby, Mummy miss you very much."

Ruby, please come back to us!!!! We really miss you.............

Let me share with you what I have gone through with Ruby in these 2 years.

As I said, I went to the show ring for the first time with Ruby. It was such a good experience. We participated twice, the last one being on 3rd October 2005 and got second placing in both events. Ruby has 2 RCC (Reserve Challenge Certificate) under her belt. I’m proud of Ruby. Even with little or not training, she still behave so well and obedience.

I would like to thanks Mr Yum for being so supportive and helpful. He had encouraged me to take part in the dog show with Ruby. It was an invaluable experience.

On 3rd October 2005, Ruby and I came out in the Sunday Nanyang newspaper. The reporter spotted Ruby at one of the event organised by puppycom at Bandar Utama and asked whether is it possible for him to come and interview me and Ruby. Of course I wouldn’t let such an opportunity go. I immediately said “Yes” to him. Even the Editor was impressed with Ruby. We jumped queue and the interview came out the very next day. I was on cloud nine. I informed all my friends and family members to grasp a copy of the newspaper.

Ruby has become an instant star!!!

The year 2006 is a very busy year for me. I spend less and less time with my dogs, didn’t join much of the doggies activities and didn’t take photographs with them. This is also the time we had a new family member, Kahlua the Siberian Husky. Nevertheless, we still find time to walk our dogs 3-4 times a day.

The recent event I joined with Ruby was at Malaysia K9 days 2006 on 8th January at Bandar Utama organised by puppycom (thanks for organising all the events). I enrolled Ruby in Fastest Eating Duo. Even though we did not win any prizes but we enjoyed ourselves very much and I’m sure Ruby did as well cos she cleaned up all the bowls. Even when she was on her way out from the competiton ring, she still managed to eat some of the left over kibbles in the bowls. Such a silly girl......

The last event I went with Ruby was last Saturday, 17th June 2006 at IKANO, the official opening of Dog Scouts Malaysia. Ruby took the Tenderpaw test and pass it with just 1 attempt. I'm proud of her achievement. She proved that mummy's dotter is capable of following commands just like any other dogs that went for obedience training. This will always be a memorable day in my life………

I am glad that Ruby has bring alots of happiness to all the people that she had met. Through Ruby, I've learned alot, met alot of nice people and went through alot of things that I never did with my other dogs. I will always treasure whatever she left behind. She's really so special......

Sadly and deeply miss by mummy and daddy.........

Sunday, June 18, 2006

This morning before I leave for work, I visited Ruby. It was such a sad experience. I keep on telling her "Ruby, Mummy miss you so much. It was Mummy's fault. I'm sooo sorry." Then I cry all the way till I reach my office. Later in the morning, Daddy visited Ruby and he saw some white flowers scattered on top. It must be from one of our neighbours. Ruby is very gentle and friendly and most people in our neighbourhood knows her. Vincent and his wife even came on that Saturday night and have a last look at Ruby before she was laid to rest. Thanks, Vincent and Ling.

Life has never been the same without Ruby. I miss hugging her, bathing her and grooming her every weekend. I miss her snoring, her breathing and the way she sleeps at night. Suddenly I realised my room is so empty and quiet without her. I miss saying "Good night, Ruby".

Infact, everyone miss Ruby. Daddy said Ruby is such a good girl. If she have "yuen fan" with us, she will be with us again.

Ruby.........we will always miss you......